About us

Revvify is a one man show. Each case is designed by me, Randolph, CEO, and all the other Os. 

Revvify is the brain child of combining three of my favorite hobbies; cars, clothes, and cell phones. I couldn't start a car dealer nor can I start a cell phone brand from thin air, but I could start in a middle ground with mobile phone cases and apparel with cars on them!

Every Revvify item is printed-on-demand as they are purchased. Production shipping times will vary, please be patient. 


What makes Revvify different?

At Revvify, we believe all car lovers should feel represented. Most automotive merchandise is geared to the hyper-masculine heterosexual male. The industry is plagued with images of half-naked women sitting on or near a car. But what about everyone else? Automotive enthusiasm isn't just limited to the straight male, right?

Belonging to several Facebook groups I had no idea existed prior, because I didn't believe there were other people like us out there. As a gay man who LOVES cars, I found the idea kind of escapes the average person that gays can like cars, too because of the ideology that gays are feminine to like cars. That ideology couldn't be further from the truth. 


WIth Revvify, I aim to break the notion that cars and the automotive industry is a straight man's game.